Job Title: Director & Financial Adviser

After graduating with a degree in quantity surveying and joining a large construction company, Martin admits that at that time in his life he did not realise careers existed in the financial services industry!

After serving out 2 years in construction, as a quantity surveyor and then in the marketing department, he took his Financial Planning exam (just for fun); and in 1997 moved to The Prudential as a Financial Adviser – becoming ‘the man from the Pru’. This was the beginning of Martin’s career in financial services.

After 2 years with The Pru, he joined a smaller financial services company as an associate, before being made a partner. Developing his own vision for the future, Martin took the decision in 2001 to set up Platinum IFS and to work towards achieving his own goals.

Nineteen years on, Martin is a very successful and highly respected Financial Adviser; and the owner/director of Platinum IFS.

Martin has a clarity of thinking with respect to finance. Where clients cannot see ‘the wood for the trees’, Martin can empathise with them, while more importantly, see what to do, when to do it and how to do it. With his financial decision making based on fact, not emotions.

This gives clients a reassurance that Platinum will look after them and advise of the right course of action to deliver their financial security.

The success of Platinum, who are a relatively small team, is evidenced by the amount of money they handle in terms of managed funds. They are professional, friendly, offering everything in simple terms – which delivers reassurance to clients. And with Martin always on hand when needed.

Outside of the financial world, Martin is an avid (if not obsessive) reader. He enjoys his family, eating out, socialising and holidays; as well as keeping the garden neat and tidy. On the sporting front he is an ex rugby coach at Bowdon RUFC and still enjoys his connection with the club.