Job Title: Financial Adviser

Jon has been interested in money, shares, and currencies since his teens, so it is not surprising that he pursued a career in finance. His financial services background spans nearly 37 years, having worked for the Midland Bank and insurance companies such as Standard Life and Friends Provident.

Jon was introduced to Martin and joined Platinum in 2010; bringing with him a wealth of invaluable knowledge and experience, heavily focused on the investment market and wealth management.

Jon likes talking to people and always has his clients at heart. He likes his clients to be happy; and gains immense satisfaction when he is able to deliver a financial strategy which achieves the impossible in the eyes if his client. For example, retirement earlier than expected.

His aim is to give his clients peace of mind – in an area where most see a ‘foggy haze’, saying ‘My clients buy peace of mind off me’.

As to what makes Platinum different, Jon says ‘Flexibility, trust and working together. We know what we want to do (for our clients) and what we are targeting to ensure their long-term financial security’.

Totally content with life, outside of work Jon enjoys cycling, playing cricket and travelling with his wife.