Job Title: Director

After graduating in 1994 Jennifer secured a position with Standard Life, initially working in the administration team and soon moving to the sales team where she took her Financial Planning exams and was responsible for selling Standard Life financial products and/services to Financial Advisers to sell on to their clients.

During this time she and Martin married; and in 2005 she left to become a Director at Platinum IFS.

In this role she has seen Platinum evolve into a very successful Financial Services provider, with an ever expanding client base. Many are long-standing clients who have been with Platinum for many years. Jen says that her job satisfaction comes from giving client’s confidence; and making them feel at ease and welcomed into an industry which is normally associated with stiffness, jargon and a corporate outlook.

It’s making that difference, doing a good job and getting back to people when you say you will, that give her a buzz.

In the office, Jen is responsible for general staff management, marketing, and business development. She says that Platinum are a small team of professionals, working in a relaxed environment; and who readily take on the ever-changing legislation in the financial services industry. Their knowledge and professionalism is appreciated by their clients. This gives the whole team job satisfaction.

She is also responsible for ensuring Platinum are compliant with FCA legislation and meet all regulatory requirements. Jen says that seeing how Platinum has evolved, from its small beginnings to the recognition they have today, gives tremendous satisfaction.

For relaxation, Jen enjoys her family, including 3 children; their large garden (and giving Martin a list of what jobs to do); eating out, socialising and holidays. To keep fit she attends regular yoga classes and personal training sessions.