7th March 2017

We always encourage our clients to share our details with their family, friends and colleagues, to ensure they too receive the same trusted financial advice from Platinum.

If you are starting from scratch though, where do you start in the search for a good financial adviser? Here are some tips to help you.

  • Draw up a list of what is important to you – maybe you want them to be local to you or to be able to advise you in a specific area of advice.
  • Call several advisers before you choose to find out how their process works – the adviser should be able to explain what they do in language you understand
  • Find out whether you can get a free initial consultation – many advisers will offer you a no obligation meeting without charging.
  •  Ask how you can pay – All financial advisers (whether they are independent financial advisers or restricted advisers) who deal with investment products and pensions have to charge you for advice.  However, there are different ways that you can pay an adviser (for example, an hourly fee, a fixed fee or a percentage of the money you’ve asked them to invest).
  • Ask what you can expect for your money. If the financial adviser takes an ongoing fee to manage your money what will you get for this?
  •  Check out the adviser’s website so you can learn about the adviser and the company you will be dealing with. Do they use social media too? This is a good way to connect with the adviser, learn more about the company and get a feel for what they do and how they do it. There will probably be client reviews on there too


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