9th April 2015

There are key times in our lives when we can all benefit from getting an expert to help us with our financial situation. You may have received  a recommendation from a friend or family member the first time you went to see a financial advisor, and that might or might not have worked out, but it will have opened up the door to you and enabled you to find a reliable adviser that now suits you and your family’s needs.

Finding a Financial adviser without any connections can be a daunting task – some people don’t act or get advice because they’re unsure of how it all works… What is a financial advisor? When would I need to use one? How much does financial advice cost and how do I find someone I can trust?

In our new initiative at Platinum we know how important it is to get good financial advice and we know how hard we work to ensure our clients get the best service and advice possible. We pride ourselves on building lasting relationships and we keep communications clear and to the point. We listen and respect your needs and never bombard you with unnecessary amounts of information.  We offer our clients clear advice and consistently work towards providing a service that caters for your specific needs.

So we want to encourage you to share your Platinum connection with your family members, both young and old – why not make it easy for them to find a reliable financial adviser and share the benefits of your knowledge and experience. Ensure your family members get the same trusted financial advice that you get, at every stage of their life.

Whether you have aging parents in need of support or younger family members starting out in the world – you can help them by sharing your experience and supporting their journey.

You can also benefit from reviewing your own finances. Get answers to questions related to changes in your life.

For our valued clients, we want to offer …

  1. A Family review meeting for your elderly parents to discuss their financial needs as they get older.
  2. A Consultation for younger family members – Pass on an invite to help as they consider their financial future and options for planning ahead.
  3. A Personal review meeting for YOU – get peace of mind and reassurance that you’re making the right financial decisions for now and for your future.


All you need to do is call the Platinum Team to arrange a meeting for you or a family member and we’ll take care of the rest – 0161 718 8328